California Association of Building Energy Consultants

What is a QII (Quality Insulation Inspection)?

A Quality Insulation Inspection (QII) is performed by a certified HERS (Home Energy Rating System) technician. This inspection ensures that the insulation in a home is installed to a particular standard set by the California Energy Commission.

Here is a quote from the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC) Fall 2014 Newsletter written by Moe Fakih, Director of Sustainability, VCA Green:

QII can deliver one of the biggest increases in calculated building performance in any California climate zone. California's rules for calculating heat transfer in insulated walls assumes that insulation will be installed poorly. When claiming HERS-verified QII, the energy model can use the full R-value of insulation when performing calculations. Depending on the climate zone, a single-family residence could see an improvement of up to 6-10% in its energy source.

QII procedures ensure a tighter building envelope, uniform insulation installation techniques and reduction of thermal bridging.

If your energy compliance documentation includes a requirement for a QII, it is imperative to contact a HERS rater at the beginning of the building process. A HERS rater can be located at the CalCerts Website. On the home page look for "Locate a HERS Rater" near the bottom of the home page.

For detailed instructions required by a Quality Insulation Installation (QII), see the QII Instructions from the California Energy Commission. [Please contact us to get this document.]

If you are unsure that the energy compliance documentation includes a QII requirement, please feel free to contact me.