California Association of Building Energy Consultants

HVAC Duct Design … Is it required?

The short answer is YES, for all building jurisdictions enforcing the current CALGreen Code.

"Heating and air-conditioning systems shall be sized, designed and have their equipment selected," all done according to ACCA Manuals J, D, & S, or ASHRAE handbooks, or equivalent software/methods. These design calculations are MANDATORY per 2016 CALGreen 4.507.2.

It is wise to have the HVAC design completed at time of permit submittal. Otherwise, the design may not pass the CALGreen Inspection. A CALGreen Inspection cannot sign off for final inspection until the report is presented.

Here I would like to introduce Joel Smithwick, Licensed HVAC Contractor. Joel has been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years. He has extensive experience in the residential and commercial arenas. Joel provides HVAC Design using Right-Suite Universal by Wrightsoft, the most widely-recognized software to meet all of the requirements of the CALGreen code.

HVAC Design Credit for Title 24 Compliance

HVAC design per the CALGreen requirements provides benefits for the Title 24 Energy Compliance Documentation author. Credits are available for Title 24 Energy Compliance modeling to make meeting the 2016 Energy Code easier. Please see this article for more information: HVAC Design Credit for Title 24 Compliance.

As always, I am available to discuss the process of meeting the California Energy Code for any building project. Contact me …