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ECO Batt — A Solution for High Performance Attic: Option B

Venting Details for Modified Conventional Vented Attic

Knauf Insulation Company has developed an insulation solution that works to meet the requirement for the extra insulation at the underside of the roof deck for the 2016 Energy Code's High Performance Attic: Option B.

EcoBatts are 24" x 48" sheets of insulation that tuck easily into the 24-inch-on-center rafter framing of attic roof constructions. The R-value of the batting is R-19 (a plus in meeting the energy code). A special reinforced facing goes against the roof deck. The installation is done by tucking the batts in place and then using a staple gun to attach them to the roof deck. Care has been taken in the design to assure that the staple does not completely penetrate a 7/16 roof deck product. The installation does not compress the insulation, which meets the requirements of a Quality Insulation Inspection, if one is required. For ease of installation, it is advised to install the EcoBatts before the HVAC equipment is installed in the attic.

Additionally, EcoBatts are cuttable to fit into all sized spaces. Also, the batts expand out over a 2x4 rafter framing, creating a natural thermal break, eliminating thermal bridging.

Installation time is estimated as follows:

EcoBatts can be used anywhere in the home (for example, in wall and floor areas). Additionally, EcoBatt is now developing an R-38 product which would be great for ceiling insulation applications.

The Northern California Representative for Knauf Insulation Company is Chris Kizorek.

More great information can be found at Knauf Insulation's website.

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